Plus this drink was so tasty, almost as tasty as the guitarist in the band with his pulled back blonde hair, his toned muscles, and those deep blue eyes.Any posting dates that the chapter says are the day that this has been posted is the ff.With a different semblance, Limit Break, he will be the one to slay Cinder.What if she had stayed the course, endured, dedicated - and left her abusers behind in search of freedom, power, and control that the life of a huntress can bring her.In that order.And in the hearts and minds of all, a single question must be asked: Who can you trust, when you can?t even trust yourself. Jae-Ha & Kija. We also have a shattered moon, creepy flesh-eating monsters everywhere, an immortal witch hell-bent on destructing mankind, a secret conspiracy around said witch and her immortal ex-boyfriend, absentee Gods, superpowers in the hands of trigger-happy mercenaries, racism, civil unrest, and some magical artifacts that nobody knows how to use except the super-secretive wizard who gives information like pulling teeth. 365 days.More tags will be added each time this gets updated, so don't worry about it being exclusive to whatever tags show up, ok.But what if there are those that are deluded by their power.Now that I have deleted that one this is were request stories will go that are not for RWBY.Do keep cries and screaming inside the vehicule at all times. There's no need to be psychic to see it's going to be a bumpy road.Stress had been piling up, her dad was more of a problem than usual, and that incident with Ruby wasn't helping so she had earned this.

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365 stories of exactly 50 words.Had fun last month with STRQtober, so I figured I'll do a year of STRQ, and see if I'm still sane at the end..She enjoyed being in the kitchen making delicious things.According to them, anyway. 365 days. Top Free Kirari Momobami. What she didn’t like as much were the twins who enjoyed sitting on the counter in bird form waiting until her back was turned so they could steal bits and pieces of whatever she was cooking. 365 one word prompts

I do not own any rights to RWBY I am merely shipping Blake Belladonna and Yang Xiao Long and Weiss.As it turns out, Yang has just the solution to her problem, and the.She has a small apartment, nothing to fancy, just something cozy.To her surprise Blake pet her head softl..One day, she notices her neighbor struggling with a coup

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Her mother, Nordica, was a scientist, a beautiful woman with ash-blonde hair and emerald eyes.But that fear, too, was kind of abstract.Glynda had taught her how to brush her hair, how to read, how to tell stories.Not much, mind you.She knew stuff.She was a bit vain, too (after all, she tried to emulate her sister, who was the picture of elegance and never had a hair out of place). The other boy who lived. But it was like those memories were behind a panel of glass.But since I only read in english now, my brain is insisting that i try to write in enlish too, so.She was more at ease in public that she had been in her pervious life. Well, good.Unlike Atlas, the Vale didn’t have a big military, but the Goodwitch family had been a part of it since the kingdom’s creation.Castia wasn’t against the concept of reincarnation, mostly because if she hadn’t been reincarnated she would be dead and she liked being alive, thank you very much.Good student, not a lot of friends, bad at sports, fan of action movies.The big cities were fine enough, but there was always lingering trace of fear.She knew that.It was simply something that was expected of her, that she expected of herself because she was a civilized human being.Bah, no matter.For Glynda, for all the people she could help, but also for herself.Some of them ended up teachers, or mechanists, or scientist, or scholars.After all, at age five she could make things float, and at age six she could throw chairs and table like pebbles. They grew smart, pretty, and strong, but most of all, they grew loved and well-cared for.Neural circuits span into place easily, comprehension is more fluid, and synapses align themselves without the child needing to learn because they already remember.Do keep cries and screaming inside the vehicule at all times. Naruto Kowareta Chapter 1. Glynda was everything Castia aspired to be: powerful, calm, elegant, clever, respected, loved.By age fourteen, she would be a force to be reckoned with.She wanted to do something about it, but she couldn’t really wrap her mind about immortals being devastating kingdoms because of a century-old grudge, and succeeding.Even if she didn’t change much, she would impact the universe, leave her mark.The world was so hard and indifferent, people simply had to stick together to survive. Well.She hailed from Atlas but had settled in the Vale to marry the love of her life, Hayden Goodwitch.So, when she was six, she decided to be a Huntress.Besides, she could always fall back on her previous-knowledge.Her birth had been a mistake, sure, but she was here now, and she would make it count.

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Comments: 163 Kudos: 289 Bookmarks: 28 Hits: 8813.Blake Belladonna: honestly the only one i trust on your team is velvet Velvet Scarlatina::D Coco Adel: damn, im hurt.Yang Xiao Dong: blakey we got two ppl over here typing in boomer harem protag: shit u rite Pyrrha Nikos: Um, would someone please explain who is who.Plus, Professor Ozpin said the first-year teams had to have one with a second-year team.Pyrrha Nikos: Hmmm, I guess it wouldn't hurt now would it.. Cute pokemon. Yang Xiao Long: what Ruby Rose: I made a group chat for all of us.Blake Belladonna: and your best bet was team CFVY.Yang Xiao Dong: yeah sure:) Ice Bitch: You've only known each other for 1 day how are you already so close.Coco Adel: Fox and Yatsu are out in Vale while me and Velv are vibing in the dorms Jaune Arc: Pyrrha went out somewhere, and Nora and Ren are doing whatever Ruby Rose: oh okay.Yang Xiao Dong: yes pyrr wanna change ur nick

Don't try to hide it behind a false face of disgust.By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies.. ? Learn More.Marrow x Guardpupper ?? 6 points ? 2 years ago Ruby we both know you want to borrow Blake's smut. I Agree. Percy jackson erotica. All rights reserved Back to Top Cookies help us deliver our Services

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Jaune had been.She had been the less enthusiastic to hear that Jaune was leaving her to attend Beacon and Jaune had tried to put off talking about it, but now it was crunch time and he was going to have to handle this delicately or risk everything falling apart.Jaune looked in the other direction and was immediately smashed into by a small pellet of energy that collided with him and snuggled into his middle aggressively.Jaune looked up just in time to see his father poking his head through the front door, having returned from the car.He slipped the pen out from inside the binding and started jotting more notes down against the paper, featured upon the pages were rough sketches of different things pertaining to his combat.Also, I'll ring ahead a few days in advance, maybe pick up Jade and anyone else who wants to come along. Seijūrō Akashi. Next up to say goodbye was Violet, Ivory and Aryle who all hugged their brother and wished him well for the semester ahead.Given what his semblance was, he understood crazy, but time-travel was a bit too next-level for his tastes.obsessed with the stories ever since he was a child.His mother often hugged him like that much to his dismay.In other words, she shooed Mama Arc from the kitchen so that Joan would have a chance to say goodbye as well.Qrow had also helped Jaune design his weapon and ultimately given him the extra push he needed to graduate Signal Academy in the top three of his year.A True huntmsan found ways to overcome everything, even semblances.Oddly, the Professor had taken a liking to Jaune and often gave him extra pointers when it came down to their lessons together.His final stop before he arrived at his dream of becoming a Huntsman.He could make excuses regarding Yang's semblance being nigh-on impossible to beat, but he wasn't the type to do that.This was a double-edged sword though, because to try and dissuade the idea of any favoritism, Qrow had treated Jaune far more brutally than he had his other students, giving the students the impression that Qrow was just pushing Jaune to a level that he thought he was at.Jaune had figured out over time that Yang's weakness was that she relied on that semblance too much, but he was yet to find a way of exploiting that in the many matches they'd had during their time at Signal.I'm planning on about six to seven girls depending on how popular this idea is.The jeans he'd chosen were of a durable material, yet held the lightness needed for a lot of manoeverability, these specialist jeans were the same kind that his father had worn during his days as a Huntsman and since Jaune had lived in jeans right from the time he was small, Brock had suggested that his son carried on the tradition.

Pyrrha: And? Nora, swallowing: Tongue kissing.Penny just has to look at her and Ciel has hold back giggles..Yang: Go! They begin, with their hands not moving as they stall from equal opposite force.Nora, trying not to laugh: You must return to me, Cinder, or I will have no choice to send my best searchers after you. Yang, taking Blake by the waist and smiling: I love you, too. Laughing jack yaoi. She is easily overwhelmed by Nora’s enthusiasm.It’s time for the lovely couple’s first dance together.Send me a Truth or a Dare and I’ll assign a randomly generated character and write that character’s response.Blake: I always forget how good of a dancer you are.Yang, chuckling: Babe, you should know by now.Ain’t she cute? Pyrrha is a pajama bottoms with slippers type.I l i a, returning from the hallway and immediately picking her bra back up and putting it back on: I ran into someone.Other outfit redesigns so far: Cinder Alt Attire Team RWBY Casual Attire.Nora Valkyrie v Pyrrha Nikos RWBY Truth or Dare Arm Wrestling Championship Match.If I’m, like, pitch black, I won’t be that noticeable.I still think this tournament is ridiculous.Yang, laughing: But it defeats the purpose.You gotta look fear in the eye and spit in its face.Yang: Huh?? Pyrrha: And you won’t be able to stop it.Pyrrha, standing up and clapping, hyped up from the adrenaline: Yeah, come on.Weiss: But instead, this’ll happen in our dorm room, with a room full of bottomless girls, contested over a pile of panties.Wholesome Renora smut an anon on tumblr dared me. 100+ Connor x Hank ❤️ ideas.

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Not only was it unhealthy as hell, he couldn't imagine one having impressive motor skills after even three glasses of such a liquid.The burden we all carry is something I'd not wish on anyone.Not too mention he'd tried using his own niece as bait, no matter how evasive he remained about his real reasoning, that's what Jaune thought it really came down to.well, he knew he wouldn't mind slowing those for a while and alcohol might even give him a chance to sleep without the influence of nightmares which the Arc knew he'd be grateful for even if hangover came the next morning.who had just claimed to be their deceased Headmaster from Beacon Academy, Ozpin.Though it was still only the afternoon, so that could be another contributing factor. Gay twinks kiss. He killed Pyrrha Nikos and deserved every ounce of the pain even recalling her name shoved into his face.After all, the hero rarely takes the path radiating safety and ease.He didn't deserve to think about her, to remember anything of the memories he shared with her and their teammates.Qrow was right about the quietness of this place, aside from them there was only one or two people placed completely on the other side of the room.Jaune had not trusted Ozpin fully since what happened with Pyrrha being chosen as the next Maiden and the situation that followed.After an initial meeting with one Leonardo Lionheart which, according to Ruby's Uncle Qrow had not gone very well and left a bad taste of suspicion in his mouth, though Jaune detected that might be the alcohol he was regularly consuming rather than the situation.It's a bit off the beaten track since I doubt you'll want to advertise that you're drinking but the service is good enough and it's got a quiet atmosphere.They continued to drink well into the night together, with each drink more and more stories about their lives came out.Qrow looked on expecting a complaint, but Jaune simply rose the glass to his lips and took a larger sip of the burning amber liquid.Your comment will not appear until it has been approved by the creator.Most agonize themselves toward their own deaths over those kind of thoughts.The strange occurrences didn't end there though.Jaune talked of his time in the village living with his family, his father teaching him about being a Huntsman and becoming frustrated with him when he couldn't deliver results.How long had it been since they'd lost Pyrr- Jaune shook his head, trying to desperately shake that thought out of his head.The way he feels, he could happily go with either.

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And for what it’s worth, I think you may be him.But we have to keep moving forward right.” Jaune pulled back so he could look Oscar in the eyes.Glad to be on board. “Oh jeez,” Jaune smoothly jumped over the back of the couch from where he had been standing to sit down and peer at Oscar on the floor, “You okay there bud?” “Just peachy Jaune, I love when people watch me sleep.This last week though had seriously put some doubts into Oscar’s mind. Endurance Ride Association of South Africa. For Qrow.But each time he managed to swallow past the knot in his throat and keep breathing easy.But still,” Jaune slid off the couch to kneel beside Oscar, “it’s bad for your back and no good to sleep on.Comments: 16 Kudos: 64 Bookmarks: 17 Hits: 721.Inside the house everything seemed to have finally calmed down.” “Jaune I alrea-“ “No, let me finish this time.Even through Nora making six more trips into the kitchen that night. For Jaune. “Um thanks? Listen Jaune, I appreciate whatever this is, but I’m fine.I don’t think I’ll ever be okay while any of this is happening.” Oscar sighed and pulled his arm back and close to his chest, “No.He wrapped his arms around the pillow and squeezed as his mind involuntarily played back that painful moment that had happened only a few days before.We haven’t known each very long but, if you’re willing, I’d like to start over a little and meet you properly this time.Just because you’re the wizard or whatever, doesn’t mean you get to opt out of having mental and emotional breakdowns. They had only one more day to figure out their plan and work out all the fine details before officially becoming felons.

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Let me just warn you Rouvin might seem like a normal guy, but underneath that exterior he’s the animal that humans try and peg all faunus as.Underneath her bow Blake’s ears twitched when she noticed that Rouvin referred to the holiday as Harvest Festival, and not Halloween.Safe from fire the remaining members of PWRY and BARN were free to take potshots at the other students.Rouvin cleared his throat before he began speaking in a fake announcer’s voice, “My dear sister and cherished friends.The bullies openly guffawed at the Rose, and Rouvin quickly wiped the substance out of his eyes, their warm silver gone and a glowing white in their place.. Saikawa X Kanna full scene YouTube. ”.” a melancholy smile made its way onto Rouvin’s face, “Anyway it was really good catching up with you Neon, see you later!”.Rouvin suddenly approached the table carrying a massive white binder that could only belong to Weiss.” Whatever Rouvin was about to say next was cut off by a plate of mashed potatoes and gravy making contact with his face courtesy of CRDL.By the time Pyrrha got outside Rouvin raised a hand in farewell to the girl he was speaking to and unclasped his cloak from his neck, “Well I got to get this cleaned.The girl he was talking to skated over to the champion and nodded in greeting, “You know Rouvin?”.Rouvin’s silver eyes narrowed as they landed on Pyrrha’s forest green eyes and Jaune’s ocean blue, “Pyrrha, and Jaune.Rouvin slammed the binder down on the table, and everyone present jumped a few inches in the air in their surprise.

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She would have to overcome that if she was to improve he fighting skills.” She held the lace to her nose and took a long sniff.To her credit she did not run at me but rather circled looking for an opening she would never find. “Hello Glynda!” She said as she all but busted the door down.She grabbed to top of my legs and pulled her face out just long enough to say “lean back” and I did so.” I was glad this was something she already knew how to do so we could skip the learning miss steps. Who Stands Behind The Dread Doctor. “As who wishes?” “As you wish Professor Goodwitch” so squeaky, almost like a tea kettle. A collection of smutty stories in a AU that is the same as the cannon one, but everyone is about 3 years older, and there were no news worthy events at the Vital Festival Tournament.I had been working myself up for this moment all night and now I just let loose.She bounced onto the padded floor convulsing uncontrollably as she thrust her own hand into her shorts and played with herself riding the high of her orgasm for as long as possible.I wanted more. Valkyrie this my home, you do not enter without knocking.Honestly I felt more secure up here then on most chairs.She came at me with a haymaker and I made my final move.How I wanted just to run my hands over them in that moment.Or I just think they would be a good lay.My fingers greedily bobbed within her, her legs began so shake uncontrollably.She got up almost instantly and got in a strong stance.She gave a surprised shout then gritted her teeth, determined not to disappoint me.

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And after several long beats, of them just standing there, staring at each other, he gave in, if only just because he didn’t have the energy for another fight.Eyes wide, tongue on ice cream, cat on his shoulder, tears and snot on his face.Ozpin moved toward her, not to grab her, just to try to calm her down.A house, four beautiful daughters, food on the table.She was really starting to hurt her, and he was growing desperate, “SALEM, PLEASE, LET GO!” Salem’s other hand whipped out, her knuckles going square into his nose.Their arguments felt scarier than that, like some intense battle of intelligence that Ozpin always seemed to lose. 10+ Bubba Zanetti & Toe Cutter ideas. Just another night he spent wasting away on the couch, shoveling fudge ice cream in his mouth, and watching garbage reality TV shows and soap operas through blurry, puffy eyes.Primrose was completely yanked out of his grasp as he stumbled back.They say that sometimes you go through hardships in order to find the only thing that made you happy. That means the world to me.In these dark moments he found himself in, he was so grateful for their support.But now they couldn’t seem to stand each other.I WILL NOT BE TRAPPED LIKE A WILD ANIMAL IN THIS CURSED MARRIAGE!” Salem was in hysteria now. couldn’t find it in his heart to do that.Because Salem was always the one who was right.Being backed into a corner like a pathetic rodent one too many times had finally driven him over the edge.It was a position that was well known to all a crossed Remnant.” Salem shot him a look of disbelief, glancing at her watch.

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